Prime Minister's Questions needs to change

Watching Prime Minister's Questions is entertaining.  It is regularly humourous and does look light a lot of fun, unless, of course, you actually want to see questions get answered and serious discussion.  Instead, PMQs consists of Ed Miliband asking about whatever Labour are ahead in the polls in on that specific week.  David Cameron will then persist to answer the question by either 1) Talking about something entirely irrelevant but easier to talk about, 2) Talking about a recent publicity failure by Ed or Ed (this is fairly frequent) or 3) Talking about how everything was terrible under the last Labour government and how all the problems of today are, in fact, reminiscent of Labour's reign.

Take a look at this, for example.  I can't remember exactly what Cameron was asked, but he did a great job of avoiding answering it while also getting a large cheer from his MPs;

PMQs are, in theory, a good idea, and that it why getting rid of the session entirely - as suggested by some - is not the solution. Unfortunately the leaders of our country aren't able to answer simple questions in this manner and therefore PMQs needs to be reformed.  It can't take place in the House of Commons, not with all the childish shouting and jeering which comes from MPs representing all parties.  It should be a more serious affair, where the concerns of MPs and also members of the public (or public representatives) should be query the Prime Minister on their concerns.  Questions from Tory MPs such as 'Does the PM agree that the rise in employment shows our economic plan is working?' need to be scrapped - they achieve nothing.  

The Ask The Leaders TV Q&A (Watch Here) session last week is a prime example of how such a session should work.  Cameron answered the questions more seriously, and if the questioner felt as if the answer was not satisfactory they were able to follow it up.  This is what PMQs should be like.  it would help to engage young people and those who see politics and Westminster as a different world, completely alien to them - something the current PMQs helps to promote.

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