Labour's House of Lords hypocrisy

By: Toby Gould

Labour support House of Lords reform - so why are they opposing it now the Conservatives are introducing some?

Labour have a track record of opposing the House of Lords.  In the lead up to the 2015 general election, then leader Ed Miliband promised to replace it with an elected senate – if he won.  Current leader Mr Corbyn’s views are no less radical; he would also have it replaced by an elected body.  So if they’re so set on having both houses of parliament fully democratically represented, why do they support the lords when it works for them? 

The Prime Minister is about to announce plans to scrap the Lords’ veto over primary legislation, after a review recommended to do so.  It’s in direct response to Lords rejecting his tax-credit reforms, but as it’s financial legislation this went against precedent.  The unelected house of Lords defeated something that was passed in the elected House of Commons.  The Labour party and leadership should be outraged and pledge their full support to Cameron’s plans to limit their powers.  So why have they described it as a ‘massive overreaction’?

The person who led the review called said: “I believe that my recommendations strike the right balance between preserving the vital role of the House of Lords in scrutinising legislation, and enabling the elected House of Commons to have a decisive role on statutory instruments.”  Surely this is fair?  Not according to Labour.

Labour oppose this reform, probably for two reasons.  Firstly, because the Conservatives are doing it.  They couldn’t possible support something the Conservatives are doing now, could they?  And secondly, because it is against their interests. The Conservatives don’t have a majority in the House of Lords, meaning it is easier to block their legislation – as happened with the tax credit changes.  So Labour want the Lords to be more powerful, even though it is unelected and they supposedly oppose it, because it is in their interests.  This is blatant hypocrisy. 
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