New Hampshire Primaries: What can we expect?

 By: Toby Gould, Student Voices editor

Tomorrow is the New Hampshire primaries - the next big test for the Republican and Democrat candidates vying to become their parties' nomination for the country's top job.  The Iowa caucuses gave us an early indication of what we might expect going on - with Ted Cruz taking a surprisingly large victory for the Republicans and Clinton and Sanders coming out neck and neck.

New Hampshire is expected to be different.  Bernie Sanders is widely expected to win here, currently polling at an average of 54.5% against Clinton who's on 40.2.% (source).  So, it is certainly the case that Bernie has lead in New Hampshire - in fact it's fairly certain that he'll win.  What do you think? Vote in our twitter poll:

The Republican contest is less straightforward. Trump is expected to win, currently polling at 35.8% in comparison to Cruz on 19.8% followed by Marco Rubio on 12.9%.  Then, of course, we have Jeb Bush, Carson, Christie and two others who aren't even worth mentioning.  Cruz won Iowa, and was expected to use that to gain momentum going into New Hampshire.  However, that hasn't been the case and over the past week he has effectively stagnated.  Marco Rubio, on the other hand, was the one who used momentum from Iowa.  Believed to be a more moderate candidate, Rubio is seen by some Republicans as their best chance to win the presidential election. But this momentum faced a brick wall on Saturday's Republican debate - where he was accused of repeating a rehearsed line over and over again.   He was doing this, and it was fairly obvious to the audience as soon as Cruz pointed it out.  I think that Trump is most likely to win, and more so than he was in Iowa - however it is anything by clear cut.

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