Most Popular Articles of 2016

We published articles from hundreds of different writers this year.  Here are the top ten articles most read articles featured on Student Voices over 2016:

NUS needs to evaluate the use of “Political Blackness” in the student movement

Charmaine Jacobs
Student Union president Charmaine Jacobs takes a critical look at how the NUS uses identity politics when it comes to identifying as being "politically black".

'Don't tell me not to be upset'

Emma Osborne
"I have every right to feel upset, angry and confused" says Emma Osborne who reacts to the EU referendum result and is "proud to be part of the 48%".

"We did it!" - The Referendum Aftermath

Ben Thrussell
In contrast to Emma's article above, Ben Thrussell celebrates the EU referendum result as he campaigned for Brexit.

Labour No Longer Represents Me

James Edwards
Edwards reacts to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership and finds that the part no longer represents his beliefs. He finds that Labour is "little more than a protest movement".

An Interview with Tommy Robinson

Toby Gould
"I'll debate anyone, just don't ban me from speaking".  Editor Toby Gould interviews EDL founder Tommy Robinson as he prepares to speak at more universities. They discuss free speech in the UK and on uni campuses.

Other popular articles:

Jack Johnston

The Government's problematic 'Prevent' policy
Masrur Ahmed

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