Trump is Not the Issue, Those Who Voted For Him Are | James Spencer-Boyce

Firstly, I would like to make it quite clear I agree on very little for what Donald Trump, the president of the United States, stands for. He is racist, he is sexist, he is misogynistic. He is, however – whether we like it or not, the president of the USA. He won an election, and with that, over 59 million votes.

As mentioned above, I disagree on most there is to disagree on. However, from the very start Trump has spoken clearly on his aims, and how he wishes to achieve them. This was clear before the election, and it is clear now – a week or so into his controversial administration. He was crystal clear on his policies on building a wall, he was crystal clear on his immigration policy. At no stage has anyone not known where he stands on issues like this. In my opinion, he is wrong. He is quite frankly a  disrespectful individual, with no regard for his position or conduct in a role of which he holds.

Furthermore, I can understand women and men alike, protesting and marching in over 200 different cities across the globe to oppose this evil. It is totally understandable. I can also understand that a million plus British citizens are signing a petition on blocking his access to the UK to visit the queen later this year. I can even understand and empathise with Dennis Skinner, Labour MP, for branding him as a facist.

That said, I cannot understand how we got here. In society, you will always get a lunatic. A nutter. Someone who says, writes or tweets stupid things. That is life, anomalies are just inevitable. But Trump, is sadly not an anomaly. Because with him, stands an army of nearly 60 million Americans who voted for him. The issue in its simplest form is not Trump, or how this billionaire developed such disgusting views. The issue is not his terrible hair. The issue is how so many Americans, from Texas to Pennsylvania, right through the country, were so easily coerced into voting for this man. Surely that is the bigger issue?

Is it going to be like this for the next four years? Every time Trump signs a bill passing legislation that he said he would, a huge uproar worldwide? My message in this article is protest. My message is to voice your opinion. But my message is also don't lose your heads. Trump has a mandate from the American people, whether we like it or not. He voiced his opinions and made promises. The people liked his opinions and now voted for him to carry through with his promises – which is exactly what he will do; or what he has done, at least in the first 11 days of his administration. And that, more than anything is what the underlying issue is here, not Trump, but the fact the  people that have invested in him. A whole American generation brainwashed.  In this respect, there is very little the people of the globe can do.  We can only hope it is matter of damage limitation, and that the youth in society are better educated and informed in forthcoming years.

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