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Theresa May, in the last couple of days, has been reminiscent of a desperate school girl in the playground – running around all over the place trying to frantically make friends with the ‘big boys’. And although, on the whole, her trips to Washington, and Ankara can be considered to be a success, some may argue that she has no been firm enough in opposing  the gentlemen she has been having tea and cake with – one of whom’s  administration has a near-atrocious human rights record, and the other a billionaire philanthropist shrouded with misogyny, sexism, racism and general arsehole-ness.

But this is old news. We are fully aware of the psychotic nature of some of the world leaders our PM has to cuddle up to. Don't get me wrong, she was superb in Washington – turning up, smiling for the photos, answering questions and even allowing Trump to hold her hand. Very brave woman indeed. Also, I think she was on form in Ankara, where she met mouthful to say Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Binali Yildirim – the president and prime minister of Turkey.  After all, Britain and Turkey are both in a spot of bother when it comes to Europe – Britain are finding it tricky to leave, while Turkey are having difficulty being allowed in; Completely at a loss why that could possibly be…

However her little excursion around the globe can be seen as a good thing for the UK, and almost is a passive aggressive two fingers up at Brussels. Her friendly and annoyingly overused phrase  ‘special relationship’ with America, and May’s cavorting with a  Shish Kebab and chips in Turkey highlights that Britain does have options outside Europe, and in fact we will be able to trade and survive outside Europe. In fact the world will not end as a result of leaving the EU – contrary to popular belief amongst scaremongering remainers.

Trump is president. Whether we wear his red ‘make America great again’ hats or we march through London holding banners poised with sexual innuendo to express discontent with him, there is nothing we can do to change that. In a similar way, Putin is the leader of Russia – there is nothing anyone can do about that. But what the past few days has shown is that our PM is very capable of being amicable with leaders, even if she does not agree with them on a number of issues. This is what is crucial for the UK at this time, especially when we potentially leave the EU and single market. Well played Theresa May.
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