Labour Students Slated for 'Incompetent' Leadership and Lack of Democracy

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The student wing of the Labour party, Labour Students, has come under fire from committee members and student leaders for having an 'incompetent' leadership and failing to be democratic.  An article, written for Left Futures by Rohi Malik, exposed a recent meeting as being a shambles.

According to Malik, this was the first Labour Students meeting in over four months and no agenda was circulated in advance.  National Committee members were reportedly disgruntled at the leadership's refusal to take any 'additional agenda items'.

However, a large amount of criticism directed at Labour Students is over the failure of the group to implement an OMOV (One Member One Vote) voting system.  This time last year, elections had concluded.  Despite this, the full time officials (who are the Chair Kate Dearden, the Secretary Joshua Woolas and Campaigns Officer Connor Rand) have not yet set out a timetable for elections.  Nor have they stated how they will implement an OMOV system, as was voted for last year.

The full time Labour Students National Committee members (Kate Dearden, Joshua Woolas and Connor Rand)

On this, Malik wrote: "That an organisation with three full-time staff members collectively didn’t realise running a ballot of this scale would require prior co-ordination is almost beyond belief."

Student leaders have also been critical of Labour Students' leadership.  Aisling Musson, the Chair of the University of York Labour Club, which previously disaffiliated from Labour Students in protest over the lack of democracy, but has since re-affiliated, said she was 'appalled'.  In a post on her Facebook account, she wrote:

"The full time officers have known for many months now they were going to need to run an OMOV election. They have also perfectly been aware for quite a while now that their membership data was lacking, as the National Secretary admitted when I got in contact in December prior to National Council. The lack of organisation is honestly staggering, and only slightly less so than the complete lack of internal democracy."

Student Voices has contacted Labour Students for comment.

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