How Will Students Vote Tomorrow, and How Have They Voted Before?

The graph above shows that Labour will be able to count on around 50% of the student vote, with the Conservatives looking at taking between 15 - 20%.  This means that there is a huge disparity between how students will vote, compared to the rest of the country, where Labour are polling at around 35% - 40% and the Conservatives between 40% and 47%.

This polling we've plotted has been taken from ICM polling for the Guardian over the last month.  The sample size was relatively small, although this is consistent with a much larger poll conducted at the beginning of May (results below):

Via The Guardian

Tomorrow, we can expect around 50% of students voting for Labour, 20% voting for the Conservatives and around 25% voting for other parties - with the Lib Dems being the second party, followed closely by the Greens (more recent polling has shown increasing student support for the Green Party.

Conservatives Winning Among Male Students?

In April, the Independent ran an article which claimed male students are much more likely to vote for the Conservatives than their female counterparts. In exclusive polling by the Student Room, 48.6% of female students said they would vote Labour, with 20.8% voting Conservative.  However, with male students the Conservatives had the lead - polling at 36.6% compared to Labour on 31.7%.  See the full results below:

Student Room/ Independent April 2017

Student Voting in the Past

Students haven't always voted Labour religiously.  YouthSight has a graph which plots student voting intentions since 2004.  It shows that the polling gap between Conservatives and Labour is at the highest point in over a decade, although since 2010 Labour has polled higher among students every time.

In 2008, Labour dropped to a record low of 17% while the Conservatives rose to a record 42% among students. From around 2008 to 2010, the Conservatives polled higher than Labour consistently. See the full chart below:

Via YouthSight

So Will They Vote Tomorrow? 

This is what the latest poll says:

Cons - 20% (+3)
Lab - 53% (+5)
Lib Dem - 5% (+1)
Green - 2% (-3)
UKIP - 1% (-)

By Toby Gould, Student Voices editor
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