May Has No Mandate to be Prime Minister. She's Insulting the Electorate | Toby Gould

Theresa May ran this election on personality.  She told voters it was her or Corbyn - and that was the choice we had.  If this was the case, the electorate clearly voted against her.  She wanted her own mandate to negotiate Brexit, and the country has denied her this mandate.  May can't continue as Prime Minister.  She's formed a government for the Conservatives, and now it's time for her to do the right thing and announce she won't be staying on in Number 10.

The public has expressed their opinion: they do not have confidence in Theresa May.  She took voters for granted, and her campaign reflected this.  It was lazy and complacent, and hugely underestimated Corbyn's Labour.  Refusing to take part in the debate is a perfect example of this.  And the public made it clear they didn't like it, and didn't like her.  Earlier today, May said she'd stay on leading a Conservative minority government.  She has yet to even hint towards acknowledging the disastrous election result, a strategy that is entirely unsustainable.  By doing this, and remaining Prime Minister, she is insulting the electorate.

The scale of what Theresa May has done for the Conservatives is phenomenal.  Don't underestimate it - she threw away a lead of 20% against Labour and won with just 4% more on the night.  May was supposed to gain seats.  50 would have been fine for her, but gaining over 100 was not out of the question.  Instead, the Conservatives lost 12 while Labour gained 49 (Kensington pending).

Conservative MPs will be furious with May.  She promised them increased majorities and more MPs joining them in a big Conservative majority government.  Instead, they lost colleagues and many of those that kept their seats did so with reduced majorities.  They'll blame the chaotic campaign, and rightly so. But more importantly they won't accept her as their leader, particularly in the long-term.  Stability is needed for now, so having a leadership election just days before the Brexit negotiations are supposed to begin would be more than foolish. Yet there is absolutely no way Conservative MPs will allow her to serve a five year term, and fight the next election in 2022.

May needs to do the right thing and resign.  If she's planning on fighting and staying on, it's a fight she'll inevitably lose.  The electorate, and her own MPs, deserve better.

May Has No Mandate to be Prime Minister. She's Insulting the Electorate | Toby Gould May Has No Mandate to be Prime Minister. She's Insulting the Electorate | Toby Gould Reviewed by Student Voices on 14:16 Rating: 5

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