The DUP Deal is Bribery and Corruption | James Spencer-Boyce

Theresa May’s election campaign, and the result for that matter, was an absolute car crash. From expecting a 100+ majority, we now find ourselves with the only thing worse than a Conservative government – a minority Conservative government.  I’m so glad that yet another Conservative has sent the nation to the polls out of their own interest and completely messed everything up. May wanted unity to go hand in hand with her strength and stability and now, instead, she needs to pay her way to cling to power.

And I’m sorry for stating the obvious, but in what democracy is it acceptable to pay a group of political homophobes, whose manifesto was essentially a BTEC edition of the Old Testament, for their votes? If it was in Russia, North Korea or anywhere similar, this would be branded as bribery and corruption, so why on earth should we accept Theresa May paying 1bn to the DUP to prop up her minority government?

Honestly, we should have expected something like this, but all this condemnation of an apparent magic, money tree directed at Corbyn. She seems to have grown a whole shire of magic money trees since June 9th. At least enough money to afford to pay the DUP 1 Billion for their votes in the commons.

She is isolated, alone and frankly weak. If there was an election today, she would lose. And when I mean lose, I mean Labour would gain a majority – and that actually would be a win for Labour not just leading to them claiming a win despite having 56 seats less than the conservatives.  History shows the Conservatives are ruthless and are quick to get rid of any leader showing any signs of weakness or failure. Unfortunately, for Theresa, she has not only shown signs of weakness and failure, in fact, she already has the noose half tied around her neck. Like a tired, old work Donkey, she will eventually collapse. Her political career is probably over. Dead in the water. Maybe she should ask David Cameron for tips on retirement – or perhaps she will try to stay relevant like Major and Blair. Maybe we haven’t completely got rid of her quite yet.

But the fact is, we are not rid of our Maybot yet, the patient zero of an attempted Thatcher upgrade. Our country is in no place to call another election, with Brexit negotiations underway.  Brexit will have to go through, and the last thing we need is yet more uncertainty. But, a minority Government cannot last, just like May. At the earliest possible time we must have another election.

James Spencer-Boyce is a writer for Student Voices
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Instagram: @bromleylibdems
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