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One of the cornerstones of Jeremy Corbyn’s self-perceived success in the general election of this year has been his mantra concerning the need to eliminate university tuition fees. More and more working class students are being pushed out of university, Corbyn announced through his microphone, on the Glastonbury stage (to an audience who had paid in excess of two hundred pounds to attend the festival). Mr. Corbyn received a rapturous applause from the chanting crowd (as told to us by the BBC), as he repeated his commitment to abolishing tuition fees.
Now, besides the obvious hilarity of middle class festival-goers clapping a millionaire socialist standing on a plot of land owned by a millionaire, there is much more that is wrong with this picture. Mr. Corbyn is getting away with murder in a similar way to what the Left avidly denounce in Donald Trump’s immigration rhetoric.

Labour’s Marxist leader is talking economic nonsense. The reality is, working class students have never attended university in greater numbers than since the introduction of tuition fees. Now, applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds are forty-percent more likely to attend university, with a seventy two-percent increase in university applications from disadvantaged students from 2006 to 2015.

Why is this? Simply put, the privatisation of higher education, as is always the case with bringing utilities into the private sector, has brought down the barriers of the state to make way for fresh opportunity. Free from government control, more generous student loans have opened and continue to make way for a greater number of university places for students of all backgrounds, allowing a wider pool of young people to have access to these institutions that are rich with excellent facilities and professors who excel in their fields.

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Moreover, it would appear that Mr. Corbyn, the self-proclaimed proletarian, fails to hear the calls of the IFS that scrapping tuition fees altogether, as per his manifesto for which his party gained forty percent of the electoral vote, would cost Britain a casual £8bn, without proportionally benefiting the working class.

Where is the proof for all this?

Scotland. A nation whose MPs perhaps believed they were ‘getting one over’ the English by voting for the introduction of English tuition fees in 1998 whilst simultaneously refusing to introduce them for Scottish students, now faces a working class youth completely disengaged from university entrance. Nearly ten percent less working class A-level students or students from disadvantaged backgrounds apply to university in Scotland, than in England, where the tuition fee system is in place. Ouch.

However, as we’ve seen time and time again in the last decade of politics, the truth rarely matters. We have entered an era of ideology over fact, utopia over  reality and irresponsibility over common sense. So, for the time being, as our Conservative cabinet fails to make the credible argument for austerity and privatisation, Mr. Corbyn is free to go on with his rampage of lies. With his ever-growing cohort of champagne socialists ironically cheering louder at each capitalist event, it appears there is little that can stop this Marxist propaganda machine.

Ah - fear not, my fellow truth seekers. It takes but one talented Tory leader.

Georgio Konstandi is a writer for Student Voices@georgiokon

Tuition Fees: Corbyn’s Big, Fat Lie | Georgio Konstandi Tuition Fees: Corbyn’s Big, Fat Lie | Georgio Konstandi Reviewed by Unknown on 20:24 Rating: 5


  1. Oh the fig leaf of an argument to cover up buying votes from the countrys vast numbers of students bribed by 8k. Corbyn should state honestly wha the policy is a fat bribe to influence the thought leaders and admired clever people going to university. The poor assuming that the clever friends of their know better for the country whilst its just taking money from the poor and putting into their clever friends pockets. hmmmmm

  2. Konstandis lie:
    theres a difference between scrapping the existing student debt and stopping future tuition fees. This is a blatant and deliberate misrepresentation of what Corbyn actually said.

  3. 1: A blatant misrepresentation, and
    2: The mistake you are making is that you think the Left is as shallow and money-orientated as yourselves. It's about morality, fairness, and equality - not money, you Philistines.

    1. "It's about morality, fairness, and equality "

      Strange how often such things tend to involve a pay check being written to someone who feels that a bit more money will make them feel moral, fairly treated and equal

  4. There are none so blind as those that will not see.


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