Deactivated: 'Tory Momentum' shuts down after less than a year

The last remaining active member of Activate's leadership, a Tory-supporting grassroots group some have compared to Momentum, has 'pulled the plug' on the organisation.  Sam Ancliff, who was the Campaigns Director, complained on Reddit that "99% of the workload was me, and I am tired and no one was willing/able to replace me" and that he made the decision to shut down Activate himself.

Activate was launched in September last year, although gained attention before its official launch when the Guido Fawkes website published WhatsApp messages of its leadership joking about "gassing chavs" and "shooting peasants".  Guido also revealed they had turned down an early logo design when members pointed out it had some resemblance to a swastika. This led to Activate being featured on the BBC's Daily Politics:

On their website, which now shows a 'page not found' message, Activate described itself as "an independent national grassroots campaign organisation that seeks to actively engage young people in the right of centre politics, make a case for what conservatism can offer and provide a platform to enable their voices to be heard.

We are committed to modern, open and member-driven politics in the Conservative Party, working to get Conservatives elected and ensuring that a Conservative government is in power.

We intend to reclaim the voice of young people in politics, bringing together individuals and groups in our education system, workplaces and communities. We will campaign and organise to ensure that issues that are important to them are heard, discussed and addressed."

Activate's memes were widely mocked on social media

Until recently, you could still sign up as a member of Activate (where membership prices ranged from £5 to £500).  According to Ancliff, at the time of suspending Activate, the group had 1573 members.  At the very least, this means Activate would have raised £7,800.  It is unclear where the money raised from membership fees and donations has gone, or if those who paid for membership will be refunded.

Since its controversial soft-launch, Activate has failed to gain traction and have put on just one event for members (an official launch party, to which just 28 people showed up - including undercover reporters at Vice).  In recent months, the organisation appears to have been dormant - as those involved in its creation quietly left.

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Limited edition Activate wine was a raffle prize at the launch event

Toby Gould
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