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Priti Patel - Conservative Party MP and Secretary of State for International Development 
After the utter ignominy endured by the Conservative Party and, in particular, Theresa May recently, there has been some discernible clamour from many grassroots activists and back-benchers for drastic change.

An ostensibly divided cabinet, coupled with a growing weariness of austerity and dissatisfaction at a Government felt by many to be unrepresentative has caused the party to be increasingly reviled.

Although the Conservative Party will have registered the rise in disillusionment at contentious policies, such as welfare reform and the public sector pay cap, and should eventually act, the consensus is that if, for instance, there were to be an election tomorrow, Labour would win.

Jeremy Corbyn has pulled off a remarkable result, mobilising vast swathes of a previously disengaged youth and outlining a manifesto that inspired many young Britons. It is hard to imagine that at the beginning of the election campaign he was unpopular and even sparked some rebellion and division within his own party after espousing a decidedly hard-left stance, taking his party in that direction with him.

Theresa May's authority has been diminished and her future is uncertain; at the right time, we need a new leader: somebody who is vibrant, fresh-faced and can offer something different.

Priti Patel would be my personal choice. She is seen as a Thatcherite and ideologically hard-right; yet, she is a glamorous and refreshing alternative to the white-haired men that are all too common a sight in the cabinet. Ms Patel was a strident Brexiteer, works in international development, and is economically pro-market and seeks a small state.

Priti is certainly not the very best cabinet member, however her ideology correlates with the direction in which the party should be proceeding and she offers qualities which would allow the Tories to re-establish their appeal: she is bold, intrepid, highly intelligent and infinitely more trustworthy than the current Prime Minister.

Alternatively, Liam Fox is a rather taciturn and interesting candidate. Originally a medical doctor, Fox was once chair of the Conservative Party and has a wealth of experience within various Government departments. He stood for leadership last year and is quite popular; could he be a refreshing solution to the Tories' woes? He also, incidentally, has analysed some of the prospective new trade arrangements for Britain outside of the EU which would stabilise our economy once we leave.

David Davis is, in my opinion, the greatest asset of the party. I believe that he is an unviable option due to his responsibility for Brexit negotiations; otherwise, his many credentials such as his tough council estate upbringing, strong will, his clear competence and wisdom would make him a fantastic PM.

Ruth Davidson has been formidable in Scotland: successful, socially liberal and exceptionally charismatic. She could easily lead the party and has been viewed as a hero recently; her ideology, on the other hand, is extremely unclear- just how Conservative is she? Where would she take the party?

If the Conservatives wish to achieve electoral success in the future, we need a fresh-faced leader with an exciting vision for a more prosperous and just Britain. Theresa May's position is increasingly untenable and is hindering the party's recovery, detoxification and progress after such a disastrous election campaign.

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