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Website/ Social Media Stats

  • 21K Regular users per month
  • 300K Website impressions
  • 7K Twitter followers
  • 15K Combined writer Twitter followers
  • 10K Daily social media reach

Readership Demographics

  • 53% aged 18 - 25
  • 25% aged 15 - 17
  • 75% UK students 

Why advertise with Student Voices?

Looking to target your advertising towards students and young people?  Student Voices is the best place to do it.  Your ads will be seen by a dedicated audience of which the vast majority are UK-based students.

You can advertise through Student Voices in a number of ways and we're happy to accommodate your needs.  Our rates are competitive and great value for money; we're proud that your adverts will be featured alongside the unique and quality content we publish.

Why do we put advertising on our website?

All the money we make from advertising goes back into the website.  We're not-for-profit!

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