The horrors of France will be on our doorstep unless mass immigration stops now

By: Isaac RossStudent Voices writer

Here we are again.

Restlessly fuming after another mind-bogglingly repulsive Islamist terrorist attack. Another tale of an innocent person - this time an 86-year-old priest - savaged nauseously. Another episode of unparalleled barbarism broadcasted to disbelieving eyes and ears across the globe. Another incident which makes our sense of security in our comfortable cities and towns feel that little more fragile. And another day when an act of ruthless brutality has shattered the illusions of the sentimental liberal idealists.

Donald Trump is a lot of things. An egomaniacal buffoon. An antagonistic demagogue. A phoney conservative. Fatally irresponsible he is not. His proposals to abort the immigration of Muslims to the United States, preposterous as they may be, were incorrectly slammed by many as racist. His basic point however is this: A continuous stream of abominable Islamist attacks? Keep them all out until everything is sorted. Inflammatory and offensive rhetoric it indisputably is as which is why it should have been avoided in addition to being technically impractical but complacent it is not.

The same cannot be said for Angela Merkel and the other breathless disciples of the dastardly European Union. Her open-door invitation to over a million migrants from Syria was an act of despicable recklessness. This decision made on humanitarian grounds has created its own humanitarian crisis in Europe. The events of the last couple of weeks provide enough evidence that this was an epic error, one that has been paid for in human lives.

How many more trucks rampaging through populated streets does there have to be until the West rids itself of its utopian fallacies? Kolnai defined utopianism as 'hankering after some tensionless union'. A warm, silky place where universal brotherhood links arms and tranquility prevails untroubled. The West continues motionless in its fluffy slumber. Until the cold menace of a machete shatters the peace.

How many more pictures of bloodstained pavements and grieving relatives do we need arriving on our newsdesks before we react with more vigour than moronic hashtags, shallow slogans and useless minutes silences? And solidarity vigils. And social media profile picture changes to include the flag of the country affected. These narcissistic and pathetic feel-good coping mechanisms are about our only response to terrorism.

Lessons must be learnt and learnt swiftly. Mass immigration must cease. To prevent these horrors occurring here in Britain, we must tighten our borders and impose meticulous checks on all who do enter. After years of stifled debate and vilification with the very mention of reasonable concerns regarding immigration ended during the EU referendum campaign, we are freer than ever to impose restrictions on immigration for the good of the country.

Our geographical good fortune doesn't render us as a security basket-case such as France, Belgium and Germany. However, the very nature of just the last fortnights worth of horror were not the acts of organised and detailed plots. They can barely be prevented from happening. The only prevention method available is to analyse those who come here in the first place.

Liberals rationalise these irrational acts of terrorism by conjuring up a lengthy list of alleged root-causes and grievances which have stimulated these murders. They embrace their subscription to a fantasy fairyland which is irreconcilably divorced from the real world. We can only hope they wake up in time. If there is indeed anytime left.

For the warning signs have transformed into reality. Reality; the notion that liberals so crave to evade and denounce. Decry the erosion of traditional European culture due to unrestrained immigration? You're a racist. Voice concerns about the backgrounds and the potential cultural unsuitability of impending migrants? You're a xenophobic bigot. Bigoted we may all be. But we are not detached from reality. Reality is a bigot.
The horrors of France will be on our doorstep unless mass immigration stops now The horrors of France will be on our doorstep unless mass immigration stops now Reviewed by Student Voices on 22:47 Rating: 5


  1. A real fresh approach to the liberal minded mainstream media who don't want to face the facts in the world we find ourselves in. Commendable writing

  2. Rupert Hogan-Peters4 August 2016 at 10:38

    Agree with your point about Trump, however I feel the blinded Western world are going to put that crook in power instead and not face up to reality. Another excellent article, keep it up

  3. Nitim Saframanesh4 August 2016 at 10:40

    Yes! "reality is a bigot" excellent excellent! Big fan of your work

  4. Have to admit that I enjoy your Twitter @Isaacrossuk tremendously, this is a continuation of that, well done


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