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Unfortunately I am too young to vote but if I was able to I would vote UKIP. This is because they make sense to me, they talk sense. Most people have the wrong idea of UKIP, and on a normal day I'm surrounded by people my own age calling me racist and/or fascist. I understand why, the press show them normally in a negative light, but if you do what I do and look at what they are saying they make sense. 

One specific reason I would vote for them is because they will tackle immigration, this may not be many young people’s brain, but it is to me. Don’t get me wrong immigration is vital to this country, they bring experience and boost the economy, but there is a point when there is too much of a good thing and unfortunately this country is reaching this point. UKIP is promising to control this by bringing a point system like the system in Australia, which makes sense as controlling immigration and at the same time filling in the high skilled jobs in demand from foreigners. I am also a strong believer in the UK exiting the European Union, this is for two main reasons, taking back control of our boarders. Since they have opened it up to Romanians and Bulgarians in 2014, figures have shown a surge over the original estimates, this would have provided many benefits but, as this country has missed its net migration target, this couldn't have been a good choice in the long term. 

By: Tess Bundy, 16 year old UKIP supporter 

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