Opinion: Why Vote UKIP - the common sense party

UKIP are the common sense party. That is why I would vote for them. 

I will never understand why when Nigel Farage Says he wants to put The British first, in the first of the 2015 Leaders debates, he his shouted and criticised for saying it, when to me it is common sense, we are a very generous country as shown by our foreign aid budget, but at what cost is it funding another country’s miseries, well the answer is we are putting ourselves in a worse situation, unable to afford the NHS and other public services which makes our country great. I am not saying we should scrap the budget all together but reducing it provides the best of bother worlds.

Farage presents the facts, which is why I respect him, other party leaders like to shy away and hide the truth about how they are going to plan to run the country, and ultimately our lives. Once again Nigel told us a fact about the growing reality of Health Tourism, and was shot down by other party leaders and told to be ashamed of himself, this doesn’t make sense, as a child we are told to always tell the truth, but when he says almost anything it is shot down and normally branded as racist, whereas if the media and public listened to what he is saying, like I do, I realise what he is saying is true, yes it can be scary or like the media and other party leaders like to put it scaremongering, but it is true. 

Immigration the topic I made in my last post was about immigration, the only way we can control our borders is to leave the EU, this is a fact, the EU allows free movement of people within member states, and we can’t turn around and say no. however most all the other main UK parties are promising to control immigration figures, but some like Labour are pro EU but also want to control immigration. Is it me is that not going to work.
So UKIP make sense, I think people should stop taking them as a joke and start listening to the sense they are speaking.

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By: Tess BundyUKIP supporter @tessbundy
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