Online and print magazine.  Independent journalism, news and comment from students on politics and more.

Since 2015, we've published articles from hundreds of students and young people.  We're independent and not afraid to tackle any issue.

Aims and Principles 

  • To promote writing and journalism among young people
  • To promote and give a platform for freedom of expression and speech
  • To encourage young people to engage in political and social issues, and to develop and share their opinions on them

Social Media

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Print Magazine

To date we have produced two print magazines, the latest of which is available to view for free on our Print Magazine page. 


To contact us, you can use the email adress editor@studentvoices.co.uk.  We will also respond to direct messages on Twitter and Facebook (see above).

Student Voices owns and operated the following email adresses and connected social media accounts.  However, please do not use these to contact us as they are not monitered.



We're now displaying advertising on our website. Why? We've started monetising some of our content in order to cover the costs of running the website (i.e. purchasing the domain name, design features etc.)  Our aim is to grow the site so that we're making more money than the costs; when we start doing this we aim to be able to pay our contributors.

Terms of Use

If you're submitting an article to Student Voices, please read our Terms and Conditions which tells you your rights and our rights in regard to writing and publishing your article.

Comments on articles hosted on Student Voices must adhere to our Comment Policy.

Articles and images hosted on Student Voices are copyright to either the original author or, if not otherwise specified, Student Voices.  No content hosted on this website should be replicated elsewhere without prior permission obtained from the copyright holder.

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