Who to vote for when they're ALL crap

After watching tonight’s TV debate, I thought it was pretty clear. They’re all a bit crap. It’s like some high school election where everyone is testing out the new skills they learned in drama, and quite frankly I wouldn’t vote for any of them.

Wales and Scotland; good points were made on both sides and a lot of issues mentioned that the main parties tend to conveniently ignore. But I live in England, so I can’t vote for them anyway.

Clegg is a lost cause. As a student I can’t take what he says seriously. It’s clear that his party’s position on the tuition fees allowed the Lib Dems to gain as many seat as they did and form a coalition government, it was one of their main policies and not only was he unable to cut the fees, he wasn’t able to freeze the fees, he wasn’t able to keep them from doubling, no, they increased by almost three times. Clegg should have known that he couldn’t keep his promise if he formed a government with Cameron, if he didn’t that shows complete ignorance and lack of awareness of reality and if he did it shows that he’s willing to sacrifice his policies in order to progress his own career. Not a good character either way.

I think this election could have been extremely different this year had he not taken up Cameron’s offer. It’s clear that there’s a massive shift in opinion towards politics in general, people are extremely unhappy and they’re looking for alternatives. Some people are turning to UKIP, some to Green but a lot of people feel that it’s pointless to vote because smaller parties “will never get in anyway” and so a lot of people would have been looking towards the liberals as the answer.

Given their success in the last election, and the growing sense of agreement with them in the run up to the last election, I do feel that they could’ve gained enough seats this election to get a majority. Had Clegg not given the party one of the worst reputations a party could possibly have.

Farage, well, I don’t know what to say. I used to like the man, I really thought he was funny and offered a new dynamic to politics. Whether you agreed with him or not, he’d definitely bring something new to the debate and add a little bit of life to what can be pretty dull politics. Now, he seems to have opted for the Katie Hopkins approach of “say offensive things and you’ll get more attention” and it appears to be working for him. The party has grown significantly in the last ten years, it’s gaining support from the broken up right wing groups like EDL, BNP members of the Labour party and members of the Conservative party. But like Katie Hopkins, it’s just something I like to laugh at. I like to laugh at what ridiculous things she can come up with, and I like to watch how people get their knickers in a twist over it. Farage is very similar.

Cameron has one interest at heart and that’s money. Private companies are making several billion from the latest budget. He allows huge companies to funnel money out of the UK to avoid paying tax of billions of pounds. He has introduced a lot of systems that claim to solve the problems that the country faces which are just a method for his friends and party donors to make a considerable amount of money.

Bennett seems like a really nice person, but she’s doing the Green Party more harm than good. She’s weak and unable to make strong arguments. She’s seems like someone “having a go” rather than someone who’s genuinely good at what they do. The Greens deserve better representation than that, Bennett’s probably best as second in command allowing somebody with more confidence and ability to deliver a strong message to take centre stage.

Miliband definitely had the best suit. It’s a little bit more Hollywood than Downing Street and I like that, but I think his presentation was a little bit Hollywood too, and I don’t like that. His overly pronounced “addressing of the nation” was probably the most cringeworthy thing I’ve seen on TV for a while. You can almost hear his public speaking coach shouting “BE PASSIONATE!”, “Show them how much you really care!”, “Talk to those “people at home”! Address them directly!” and it’s just painful to watch. He’s trying so hard that it detracts away from what he’s saying, a lot like Bennett’s nervousness does for her.

I don’t want to vote for any of them. But luckily, we’re not voting for them we’re voting for an MP. It’s important to remember that not every MP reflects their leader, some may have different views on certain things. I think it’s ignorant to forget the candidates who we’re actually supposed to be voting for. Unless you live in an area where a leader is standing, you’re not voting for the leader to be prime minister, you’re voting for a representative in parliament.

Just because you don’t like Natalie Bennett, doesn’t mean that the Green candidate for your area doesn’t share your views on a lot of issues and give someone like you a voice in parliament. Likewise for the other parties. But one thing a lot of people forget is independent candidates. A lot of independent candidates also disagree with the main parties, that’s why they’re standing independently. People tend to disregard them because they get so caught up with the idea of running the country. But we’re actually voting for who will be the member of parliament for our area, there’s no reason that our member has to be aligned with a certain political party.

A lot of people worry about wasting votes on independent candidates, but even if they don’t get in, they’ve got the guts to try and are committed enough to put 500 quid of their own money on the line, I think it’s worth looking in to, if they don’t get a certain amount of votes then they don’t get their £500 back, it’s worth voting for an independent just so they can get their money back. Even if you can’t be arsed and plan to just mark the paper to void it, it’s worth putting a cross by an independent to show that you want change, even after all of the TV hype and the millions spent on election campaigns, all the efforts made to ‘appeal to the people’, you still went out and voted for an independent candidate. I think that says a lot.

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By: Mark Ashton, Blogger, Writer and Student with an interest in law, politics, music and equality 
Twitter: @Markeiboi

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