Why the calls for a second referendum should be silenced

By: Callum Baskerville, Liberal Democrat | @oxbasky97

Several high profile politicians have, in recent days, called for either a referendum on the terms of our departure from the EU, or a second referendum outright on whether to Remain or Leave. Despite being a Remain voter and Liberal Democrat activist, I believe that if another referendum were to be held, this would set a very dangerous precedent for British politics in the years to come.

Think of it this way - it's May 2020 and the British electorate have gone to the polls to decide WHO will govern the country for the next 5 years. The Conservatives set out their manifesto and are elected into government based on their 'promises'. However, those that didn't vote Tory demand a second vote to decide HOW they will govern the country. If the Tories lost this second vote, where do we go from there? Could we really spend the coming months going back and forth to the polls to decide WHO and HOW? This is a quick and easy way to disenfranchise the entire electorate, and a lower turnout could be expected each time a vote is held.

Despite my staunch beliefs, I respect the fact that a majority voted Leave. The Leave campaign set out their intentions, so if a Leave voter didn't realise this or that, ignorance is not a defence. A majority voted Leave, we now have to deal with the consequences.

However, if you're going to give the electorate a chance to speak their mind, you have to give them a chance to change their mind. This should not be ignored.
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