The Political Elite Vs The Rich

By: James Poulter, Student Voices writer

So many thoughts have danced around in my head since we received the shocking news this morning; Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States of America. I have read many articles and tweets about how the vote was ‘an attack on the establishment’. In so many ways this is right, but is it a good thing?

The president elect, Donald Trump, has won an election as a wealthy man with strong opinions, that is all. But, he is not part of the elite that holds virtually every political leader in the western world, which is truly unprecedented. This means that political correctness has been thrown out the window, as we have seen during the brutal election. But exactly what does this mean for America? I honestly do not think anyone really knows, because it has never happened before. I have seen several people compare it to how Russian politics works, but even Putin was born to a factory worker and a conscript, without the ‘small loan’ Trump received. Trump has also had very little involvement in politics as a career, whereas the Russian president had worked his way up the ranks.

I have never been too bothered that our society is run by political elites, although I know it’s not ideal, they seem to be the experts, and so know what they are doing, and we do chose them after all. But I am now grateful of this higher order, because up until now, someone as radical as Donald Trump has never been allowed such power as he will be granted in January (In the modern western world anyway).

‘Is it a one off, or has Trump set a new standard?’ This is a question I have debated with myself all day. Although I hope it is a one off, not all billionaires are like Trump, I imagine that if a Liberal non-elite (Bernie) had just won the election, I wouldn’t be complaining. But only time can answer this question.

I want to end this by telling you all this: don’t give up. I know it seems that there is no clear path of what will happen next, but this will not be forever, in 4 years’ time the States will get to choose again, and all we can do is hope that they/you make a better decision for the future of everyone. And remember, if you have family or friends of a minority group; support them, tell them they are not alone. And if you are in a minority group; good luck, and always keep hope.
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