What's happening to Google Glass?

Earlier this week Google announced that they would stop the sale of Glass, the some-what controversial, innovative wearable tech-filled glasses.  Launched in 2013, Glass hasn't had an easy ride.  Feedback has been mixed and there is still no official date as to when a consumer product will be launched.  Currently, you are able to purchase (for close to £1000) the product to use for software development, however this will end next week.

Google say they are still committed to launching Glass as a consumer product, but will now focus on 'future versions' of the device; the projects is being moved to a different division of the company.


The future of Google Glass looks uncertain.  This move was not foreseen and nobody really knows whether Google are putting more or less resources into the project.  As mentioned earlier, it has been fairly controversial - raising questions about privacy in public places.  There have also been practical problems with it, particularly with battery life, which will need to be overcome before a consumer launch.  It is possible that Google are waiting for and developing the right technology to put into it, something which is taking longer than expected (e.g. batteries are lagging behind other technology, something which also causes a dilemma for smartphone makers).  It is likely that Glass will pop up again, but it does seem this kind of wearable technology has been shown off before its time.

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