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Many young people are finding it difficult to have a say in any matter that regards their opinions on a subject due to the fact that they are not taken seriously - and it’s no brainer as to why they’re labeled as the ‘iPod generation’. The youth in the modern world are vastly becoming lazy and finding it tough to approach reality, this could be due to the development of technology that has controlled their minds to fall into a social networking world where you find yourself detached from the real world. There could be more than one or two reasons why the iPod generation is predominantly focusing on issues that have no solid importance to their future. This is of course a generalisation that disregards the fact that there are also young adults and teenagers that want their voice heard and have not fallen completely into the mists of technology; the 2010 student protests in Millbank is sufficient to prove this. 

Adults in fancy suits believe the current youth is a laughing stock if they have the audacity to label us all a portable media player. The future of England will be struggling to live in this country if there isn’t any satisfactory change under the government, which is why all young people that are permitted to vote must do so in the coming general election because it’s time for a change and our voices must be heard. Voting plays a huge part of your life, especially if you’re a young student. However why is it that young people are not acknowledging the value voting brings to us all and why are they often not paying attention to the importance of having fundamental privileges; instead they nitpick how awful it is. 

The majorities of the people in the West disregard their essential privileges and seek more into things they don’t need. These people are often young who reside in wealthy and powerful countries such as England but don’t appreciate what they have. These are the people with a comfortable bed, warm clothes, with a roof over their heads and food on their table yet they aren’t grateful for it. Instead they complain about how partial their lives are nonetheless they want to live the life of someone they saw on a magazine that spends thousands of pounds to extend certain body parts. This someone is usually a celebrity who has major influence under these unappreciated people. It’s not a problem to look up to a celebrity who’s important to your life or to seek an expensive life, it’s a problem to not accept or understand that what you already have is priceless in the eyes of someone who lives in a third world country or even in your own country. To enjoy a night of sleep on a comfortable bed and is to them what a gold plated watch covered in Diamond is to you. The value of life is simple, it’s right in front of you; you could be wearing it, eating it or sleeping on it. However since we face these basic privileges everyday we get used to them and focus on the things we don’t see everyday. Things like expensive cars, jewellery, big houses and branded clothes etc. We don’t really need these items, it’s not important to own a Porsche because all it means is that you’re travelling from point A to be B in style. That’s the only difference compared to a cheap car made by Ford, both items do the same thing except one costs more. 

How you spend your money is up to you, we like to buy things we are fond of. It’s understandable to spend hard earned money on something you like such as a watch. Most branded watches are expensive, but if you’re a fan of it then go spend a few hundred pounds on something that tells you you’re staying up way too late. However, you’re a fool to spend £1000 on something that tells you the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, that’s a waste of money. Money is made to spend, but that’s only if you have enough and that you spend it on worthwhile things. It’s not necessary to buy a 10 grand watch when you can just take out your phone and look at the time. You can do so much with 10 grand; kids who suffer through war and poverty would find it hilarious to discover such people exist. 

The world is a big place but one side lives a completely different life to the other. As if there are two different worlds put together, maybe that’s why young people on one side have different values of life which is why you get pupils who don’t appreciate what they have and are following a dream that reality itself thinks it’s nonsense. We want what we can’t have, because we complain about our life we do so little to change our situation for the better. Education is the normal ticket to a successful path to the riches but even under Education we complain about the poor resources and teaching. It’s become a norm to complain about our lives and to barely do anything about it, but some young people would be willing to change their lives and cannot do so because of certain boundaries they can’t pass. These boundaries could be Religion, laws, family, partners, friends and education itself. 

You are given two options in how you wish to lead your life; one of them is simplicity whilst the other is hard work. Simplicity is the best form of success, the rewards might not always be immense but the results are outstanding. Whereas hard work will make you go through unimaginable struggles but at the end the reward is enormous. The best way to lead a respectable life is to be humble and understand the importance of what you have is a privilege and there are people who would kill to be in your shoes. 

By: Umair Mojaddidi, "Just a normal young man who wants to live in peace." Twitter: @UmairM94
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