Lib Dem Manifesto: What's in it for young people?

The Lib Dem Manifesto contains "opportunity for everyone", apparently, so what does it have for young people?  Here's a quick overview:

"Liberal Democrats will protect young people’s entitlements to the welfare safety net, while getting them the help they need to get their first job. That means doubling the number of businesses that hire apprentices. "

The will... "Protect early years, school, sixth form and college budgets – investment from nursery to 19 to raise standards for all"  Though we're not quite sure how as it isn't specified.

There is a brief mention of apprentices, following the trend set by Labour and the Tories: "Double the numbers of businesses hiring apprentices"

Here's something new, though.  They would: "Work to introduce a new Young Person’s Discount Card, for young people aged 16–21, giving a 2/3rds discount on bus travel, as resources allow. This will assist all bus users by helping maintain the viability of existing bus routes and making it easier to open new ones."

"Develop an NHS ‘student guarantee’, making it easier for students to get care and support while at university, particularly those with long-term health conditions or caring responsibilities."

The Lib Dems have put emphasis on their plans for greater investment in mental health care.  This is also shown in their manifesto: "Continue to roll out access and waiting time standards for children, young people and adults. This will include a waiting time standard from referral of no more than six weeks for therapy for depression or anxiety and a two-week wait standard for all young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis."  In fact, there is a whole section in the Manifesto on mental health. One of the main points in this section is that they will: "Establish a world-leading mental health research fund, investing £50m to further our understanding of".

A bit like the Conservative's 'Help to Buy'  scheme, the Lib Dems have gone for a slightly less ambitious ' Help to Rent'  scheme for young people, offering a: "New Help to Rent tenancy deposit loans to help young people get into their first place".

Here's a bit of an odd one.  They promise to "Ban high-frequency Mosquito devices which discriminate against young people."  This is under their 'Freedoms Act'.

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