Why do I vote Blue? (Why Vote Conservative)

This is just a short article about why I vote Blue.

People ask me why I choose to support a party which to their minds at least does not represent the young people of this country. I however totally disagree with that assessment. I think the Conservative values of: hard work, self reliance and small but efficient government are things which everybody, regardless of their age, can identify with.

Since coming to government in 2010 the Conservatives have created almost 2 million new jobs. In some areas of the country we have what economists would call full employment and in others we have the highest employment rates since the 1990s. These jobs are a means to get people out of the benefits cycle that traps them into poverty and rejection the dole is so infamous for creating. Some would say that this has been done on the back of zero hours contracts but in truth only 2% of jobs are 'zero-hours' and 66% of people employed under them are quite content with their work life.

In terms of education, we may not agree with the rise in tuition fees (I in fact protested against them when I was a student) but we see now more young people then ever going to University and in fact if Universities wish to charge more then £6,000 in tuition they must have a solid plan in place to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds into higher education and allocate funding for their development. This is coupled with the creation of millions of apprenticeships which give people training in a variety of skills and help them onto the career ladder.

The rise in the tax free allowance as well has been a welcome move for young people, who are statistically more likely to be working minimum wage jobs. The rise has taken the poorest and most vulnerable people out of tax entirely and given tax cuts to everybody else.

So those are three positive reasons that as a young person I vote blue. Three positive things that have helped people of my generation get into jobs which are now being created at a rapid pace, support themselves thanks to lower taxes and better themselves through access to improved education.

That is why I vote blue and I hope it has inspired you to do the same.

By: Harry Joseph Todd, Young Conservative activists and Council Candidate in the local elections.
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  1. Conservative value of hard work? Hilarious.


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