Will the revolutionaries of our time please stand up!

I was sitting on the bus the other day, absorbing as much culture as the guy with the strong scent of sweat and the baby with relentless cries would allow me to. During my one minute epiphany, a lifetime flashed before my eyes; the legacy of generation Y. I was deep in thought when it truly hit me that there was no revolutionist of this generation.

No-one that wants to or can step up and dare to challenge the world and change the way we think. No-one that has tried to wake the world and command its attention and tell us that we are going in the wrong direction.

As a collective, we all fear responsibility and rely too much on each other to make a change. We take comfort in numbers, but this comfort is no more comfort as it is complacency. In the past decade or two we have yet to see someone who will shape this generation in a definitive way.

We've become a generation enslaved by capitalistic desires. We do not even aspire for wealth anymore; we desire nothing more than the accreditation of people who we care nothing for.

We want people to put us on a pedestal for nothing more than being put on a pedestal. The decline of generation y is actually scary because it shows that we have learnt nothing constructive from history and that the lessons learned were minimal.

It is dangerous because if after the rich history that we were privy to, we learned nothing, then what dire legacy are we going to leave for the generation that succeeds us.

I fear for generation z because essentially, we have left them nothing more than destitution. A rejection of politics but an affinity for scripted reality.

The most we do to exact change is by retweeting something to bring wider attention to an issue but twitter cannot make a global impact. A retweet is as far as our contribution goes towards a cause and we are at peace with ourselves. We fail to realise that a retweet does nothing more than to relieve our selfish guilt. We do not actively go out to seek change.

I finally came to my stop, pleased to be free of my current misfortune.

By: Politricks Media, Young people in love with Politics

Credit: Copyright www.popularresistance.org

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  1. Does the deluded Russel Brand not fall into this catagory?


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