Election 2015: Time for Change?

I think the biggest casualty of this election was not, as concurred by the media, the Liberal Democrats or Scottish Labour. It was something far bigger. Democracy.

How, in one of the world's largest free countries, do parties achieve so many votes, but so little power?

Love them or loathe them, UKIP were by far the largest victim of this system. 4 million votes, yet just one seat in the Commons. Contrast this to the situation in Scotland, where the SNP achieved 1.5 million votes, yet an impressive 56 seats (just 3 off a universal victory) and you begin to see this system of electing based off of a simple majority becomes somewhat paradoxical. Yes, the biggest party won because they got the most votes.

However, the UK is vastly unique.

We have three fully devolved parliaments, and each of our country's four member states are greatly diverse in political opinion. From the traditionally left-wing Scotland and Wales, complete with a burning desire for nationalism, to the more right-leaning Northern Ireland and England, where nationalism may as well be treated as high treason. 

As a result, the definition of 'majority' becomes sketchy.

Going back to specifics, look at the Conservative Party. A comfortable majority was returned in England, yet the amount of Tory MPs elected outside of England does not even equate to double figures. So how can one party run the National Government absolutely when they have no electoral mandate from 3 out of the 4 states they now have control over?

Surely, this election has opened our eyes. No longer are the SNP the isolationist party hidden in the corner at PMQ's. No longer are the Lib Dems the infamous 'third party' that were always voted 'for' but never voted 'in'.

Most importantly however, is that we no longer live in a country where any votes not cast for Labour or the Tories are worthless. Just as the political landscape of Britain has changed, so must the process of democracy. Be it through proportional representation, or another equally needed reform of voting style, Britain needs it, now more than ever.

By: Shay Treanor16, Scotland, firm believer in fair and democratic politics

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