NEWS REPORT: Labour leadership candidates confirmed

The deadline for MPs to submit their nominations for the Labour leadership race passed at 12:00 today.  The candidates can therefore be confirmed as Andy Burnham (68 MP nominations), Yvette Cooper (59), Liz Kendall (41) and Jeremy Corbyn, a late entrance, who secured 36 nominations just in time to get his name on the ballot paper.

Who do you think will be the next leader?  Vote here and read our brief candidate profiled below:

Who will be next Labour leader

Any Burnham
Yvette Cooper
Liz Kendall
Jeremy Corbyn
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Who are the candiates?  Read our brief candidate profiles below:

Liz Kendall

  • First elected to parliament in 2010
  • Seen as a 'Blairite' candidate
  • Currently the Shadow Minister for Care and Older People

Andy Burnham

  • Been an MP since 2001 
  • Health Secretary under Gordon Brown
  • Lost out on the Labour leadership to Ed Miliband last time round
  • Hasn't officially declared he'll be running - but is currently the bookies favourite

Yvette Cooper

  • Hasn't officially launched a leadership campaign
  • Been Shadow Home Secretary for the last four years
  • Married to former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, who lost his seat in parliament last week

Jeremy Corbyn

  • A 'veteran' left wing MP representing the 'anti-austerity voice'
  • Has support of the likes of Michael Meacher and Diane Abbot, who ran in 2010
  • He writes a column for the Morning Star
  • Opposed the Iraq war

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