'To all the youth out there: this is YOUR world, Take it back!'

To all the youth out there, I'm getting on in years now but let me tell you about my youth.
We didn't have technology that you have today, we didn't have have much at all to be honest but we had enough. To me the richest person in the world is the one who is content with 'enough' As time has passed all you youngsters are battered by the 'must have' corporate greed. You must have the designer clothes, the latest phone, the latest styles etc and I look on and see what it is doing to you. I'm saddened. The giant corps are stripping your world, torturing animals in the name of beauty products, skinning them alive so fur hags can wear their skins and poisoning your food with GMO. Telling you that you must eat this that or to be 'hip' as we used to call it. Now they want to frack under your homes and poison the water. I'm not going to tell you what that means, you are students and more than capable of either knowing already or researching it. I can only apologize for the generation that people of my age produced, the greedy, selfish 40 something politicians and the offspring they now have that buy into killing this world. I have tried for 40 yrs to change things, but with the destruction of the unions by Thatcher it became ever harder. People bought into the idea that it was ok to feel they were better than everyone else. There is now a heavy responsibilty upon you all, a burden that is as heavy as the one I have carried in my 40 yrs of activism. I am 63 now and unwell, I have become too tired to do more than try to encourage others. I have 5 small great grandchildren who I adore and fear for. Selfishly I am asking you, for them and for yourselves, "this is YOUR world, TAKE IT BACK! 

Much love, Marilyn xx

By: Marilyn Clement, Labour activist spanning 40 years

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'To all the youth out there: this is YOUR world, Take it back!' 'To all the youth out there: this is YOUR world, Take it back!' Reviewed by Admin on 15:13 Rating: 5

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