Want me to join your party? Inspire me.

Over a month on from the general election and parties are well into the regrouping, running the government or enjoying the fruits of a rampant success.

The Labour party are still searching for their new general direction, with many accusing them of having abandoned the left. The Conservative party are beginning their five year stint in power having defied the polls to win a majority.

The Liberal Democrats are still soul searching after a drastic defeat left them with a mere 8 MPs left sitting in the commons.

Now we’re seeing countless pleas to join the parties as they seek to swell their numbers post election or simply solidify further what they’ve gained from the build up to the election.

Chances are I won't sign up to any of them. Some speak to me more than others, I am notably anti one of the main political parties but even the supposed antithesis is too similar.

It seemed that in the build up to the election Labour and the Conservatives were fighting to be the least terrible while the Lib Dems positioned themselves on the sidelines, ready to rush in as the king makers.

Needless to say both strategies were ill advised but in some senses inevitable. The kingmakers position was arrogant and assumed success where it was not inevitable.

My problem with politics as a whole at the moment is the approach of the Labour and the Conservative party. Competing to be the least bad is the very antithesis of how politics should be. Unfortunately this is the case.

If you looked at the statistics of how often each party spoke about themselves and the opposite party it would be nigh on impossible to work out which party was which. This is because of the sheer amount the parties punch down constantly bickering back and forth spending just as much time degrading the other party as they do praising their own.

All it looks like is the two big popular groups of kids having a spat in the lunch hall, this shouldn’t be how politics looks. As far as PMQs goes, well to be succinct it’s a complete embarrassment.

If politicians are concerned about apathy then they only need to look at themselves. Negativity is energy draining, positivity can be inspiring. I haven’t seen this from any party yet. The closest any party has come is easily the SNP but then with the number of seats they can win they are limited. The SNP do not have the potential to change politics in this regard, influence yes but not change off their own accord.

It can’t change unless Labour or the Conservatives wish to change it yet they will not do so. It makes sense - it is much easier to take someone down then build yourself up. The safest strategy is the one which the main parties carry out, by relentlessly criticising and using that contrast to what the party is proposing to create a favourable gap in ability. It just isn’t inspiring and dreadfully draining.

Politics needs to get back to inspiring people. Constantly berating other parties on things they may or may not have done will get us nowhere. For a time where someone like Russell Brand can gain a huge audience based on an apathetic stance the current politics is not good enough. We need hope.

Luckily the recent question time with Chris Bryant and Matthew Hancock provided some hope. There were clear jokes between the politicians and less rash relentless criticism. It wasn’t much but it was something.

Politics needs to change, otherwise you will not see me joining a party any time soon.

By: Aidan Williams, Want me to join your party? Inspire me.

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