The Wings of UK Politics #1: Socialist Left

Lefties or Socialists believe in equality and that everybody should be equal no matter what their ethnicity, background or sexuality is.

In the United Kingdom or Great Britain the main and most popular left wing political party is The Labour Party. In general The Labour Party believes that we should deal with poverty and homelessness before cutting the debt and deficit. In general Labour believes that we should spend and invest rather than cut and reduce spending. They also believe in Trade Unions and workers rights.

Under an far left wing authoritarian government such as in the USSR, everything would be state owned and controlled by the government. In a far left wing government every one is paid equally, gets an home, gets free education and free healthcare. There is very little if any privatisation.

However, there would be large problems in an far left government, it's not all great after all. There would be an lack of skilled workers in important jobs, for example if an office worker got paid the same as an neurosurgeon the skilled neurosurgeon would take up the office job most likely as it is less stressful and the reward in terms of pay is the exact same.

There would also be little democracy in an far left communist government. This is because in a communist country there is only one party to choose from however the public supposedly get to elect the party leader.

In summary there are pros and cons to an socialist / communist regime. The pros would be; full employment, free healthcare, free education and little privatisation whilst the cons would be; lack of skilled workers in important jobs and little democracy.

By: Joshua May, Young Labour Activist who is fighting for change in the UK @JoshuaMayLabour

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