Trident: is it really needed?

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Okay a little controversial topic, Trident. Nuclear weaponry - is it really needed?

Trident, is a 'project' that is put up by the United Kingdom government at a cost to the tax payer of £80n+. Trident are nuclear weapons that the UK government invests £80bn+ into.

Trident is used as a deterrent against other countries and terror threats yet are they really necessary or are they just a huge waste of the tax payers money that could be used to invest into public services and clean energy?

If we were to scrap nuclear trident and invest the £80bn+ into other area's we would be able to:

Employ 150,000 new teachers and nurses for the next 30 years, fully fund A&E for 40 years, build 1.5 million affordable homes, support all current homeless people, give emergency shelter for all those in need, scrap tuition fees for the next 30 years, pay for 10 years of early childhood education, build 2,000 new primary schools every year, install solar panels in 50 million households, quadruple our annual investment in renewable energy, build 100,000 wind turbines to power the whole of the UK, insulate 15 million homes and create 2,000,000 jobs.

Its clear that Trident and nuclear weapons investments in the UK should be scrapped, so why are we currently investing money into them?

We are investing £80bn+ into them as it 'protects' us from threats that we cant see in the foreseeable future, weather that be 10, 20, 30 or 40 years however in 20, 30 or 40 years we would have developed new and 'improved' weapons therefore making trident useless and wasting 80bn+ on a war that will NEVER happen.

I hope I finally have struck some sense into you all.

By: Joshua May, Young Labour Activist who is fighting for change in the UK @JoshuaMayLabour

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