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Our first magazine is finally ready for you to see. Thank you to everyone who contributed (contact us for your free e-book version**) and especially to editors Lauren Davies and Lauren White. Use the links below to buy our magazine in e-book or print format or scroll down to preview it!

E-Book Version - £1

Student Voices Magazine | September - October 2015. This is the e-book edition of the magazine and it will come in a PDF format.

Print Version - £3.99

Student Voices Magazine 1
Student Voices...
September - October
By Student Voices (Va...
Photo book

Use the box above or Click Here to order a print copy, £3.99.
*At the moment the price of postage is more costly than we would like, we're trying to bring it down but if you want to see the magazine now then buy the e-book version!


*Open from 15/09/2015 - 22/09/2015. New 'Likes' only, existing accounts liking the page are not eligible.

**Contributors are entitled to a free e-book edition. If this is you, contact us on We will be publishing future editions of the magazine. If you're interested in contributing to this, contact us.

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