Put Mental Health on Our Education Curriculum

Mental health is not currently compulsory in national curriculum. Too few schools actually teach their pupils about mental health, and this is not good enough; mental health should be taught over all schools as an compulsory subject. This is because; 850,000 young people living in the United Kingdom are currently suffering from mental health issues and one in twelve of them deliberately harm themselves. People need to be educated; this is not good enough for a well developed country.

One in five young adults in the United Kingdom show signs of an eating disorder and nearly 80,000 children suffer from depression. If you were to enter an secondary school classroom, three children on average in that class would have an diagnosed mental health illness (that could range from a condition such as depression to anorexia). Yet it is likely that the majority won't have been properly educated on conditions such as these.

This is not good enough for the United Kingdom. We need to do more about this and we need to act fast!

The government recently responded to a petition with 23,777 signatures asking for mental health education to be introduced to the national curriculum. They said the following;

'Good mental health, character and resilience are a priority for Government. To support schools we have funded the PSHE Association to produce mental health guidance and lesson plans for the teachers'

To read the rest of the response and sign the petition, like me, go over to;


So from the response we can see that the Government has noticed the problem are doing something about it, yet I personally do not think they are doing enough.  Please help get this petition to 100,000 signatures so it can be debated about in the House of Commons. Thank you. 

By: Joshua May,  Political writer and activist. Supporter of old Labour. @JoshuaMayLabour


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