2015: Most popular this year

Since Student Voices went online in February 2015, we have published over 150 articles from a countless number of authors.   Here are our most popular articles:

The EU: An Unpromising Referendum

By: Masrur Ahmed

Picture this: a GCSE science student making the decisions on how best to further the world of quantum physics. Clearly unqualified and likely to make poor decisions. Now, why would we let the same thing happen in politics?
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House of Frauds: A Political Dinosaur

By: Masrur Ahmed

£360,000. That’s how much members of the House of Lords claimed in expenses despite not voting even once in the last parliamentary term. Who paid? Who else but the taxpayer. 
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Through the eye of a socialist

By: Max Mosley 
Over the last few months, since declaring to my friends and family that not only am I member of the Labor party, but have been an active worker for them, the response has been predictable to say the least. I grew up in West London, in a wealthy neighbourhood, but a question that always occupied my mind from an early age was, what or who put the man on the street there in the first place, what did they do? 
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