Through the eye of a socialist

Over the last few months, since declaring to my friends and family that not only am I member of the Labor party, but have been an active worker for them, the response has been predictable to say the least. I grew up in West London, in a wealthy neighbourhood, but a question that always occupied my mind from an early age was, what or who put the man on the street there in the first place, what did they do?

As I’ve grown up, this question has not gone away. Now if you believe in a conservative approach (and God help us some people do), then one might say that yes, its an atrocity of modern western life, but its part of that life and there's nothing we can do, and they’ll go back to an evening of champagne and sky one. I didn’t have this view, I wanted to know more. This thirst for answers and solutions is what lead me to join the Labour party, and by working for them I found part of my answer. People living on the bread-line, are dependent on the government, not just for benefits; but through tax, community and employment support. Many argue that because of previous Labour governments, the poorest in society have become so dependent on benefits that their work ethic has become non existent. At a very early age I too shared this view, no thanks to my Daily Mail reading parents. But as I grew older, and met these very people that have been generalised by the middle class who believe that they know all about them and their supposed ‘non existent work ethic’, I found that they want to work, they want to better their lives by any means necessary. They aren't buying the latest iPhone’s or splashing out on lavish luxuries with the states money, they are spending it on their taxes and bills that pile up because of gas companies that aren't considerate of those who can’t afford the bills shoved through their door, they know this, and yet it continues.

When the poorest in society are scratching around for their evening meal are lampooned - by the more affluent - for their iPhone greed and time spent scratching their arses to the tune of Sky One, I lose interest in the falsehood cast by a group of people who simply don’t want to understand. The real problem comes when I’m put in the same basket as those that think rich people are viciously feeding off the poor, i certainly do not. I understand we live in a disconnected world. The Labour party are here to reconnect us.

I have seen first hand, the effect the Tory led government has had on these people, these people like you or me, but born into the a different world, have been made slaves through wages and Zero Hours Contracts. People that can’t leave these jobs because the Tory tax scheme would meant that they would lose their vital unemployment benefits. This election is vital, not for us, but for Britain. We, as well off members of society get too bogged down with our next tax cut whilst consciously ignore the rest of those around us. A Labour government is about you, me and the rest of Britain. It’s about giving those an opportunity to change their lives for the better, to save our NHS that is so crucial to Britain and which won't survive under the current Tory proposals.

My friends are conservative, my family is conservative, I am not. I will never support a party that cares only for the richest few, about only those at the top with the platform to effect change. The government should about the greater good of society, offering support to those who need it, not helping those who don’t. As students, the Labour party has so much to offer, which is why the under 25 polls show a massive Labour lead. Tuition fees cut to ₤6,000 meaning those at University leave with massive slash to their dept, plans to giver apprenticeships to those who might not normally have the opportunity to network and learn skills, and an end to ZHC meaning that all can enter work with more freedom than ever before.

The argument for voting Tory is 1.Ed Miliband isn't strong enough to be PM - I’ve met the man, and I was blown away at his sense of presence, how he held himself and how engaging he was. I also recently met Lord Owen (something I don't tell my Labour colleagues), he told me that in a meeting he had with Ed, his compassionate way of persuading was nothing like he’d ever seen before. So much so, he argues that this was the reason he’s kept the party together and united them in time for the election. 2. is that the Labour party are not able to maintain this economic recovery - well, as it stands that so far, between the Labour party and the Tories, Labour is the only party with a costed manifesto with no unfunded programs. And 3.that the recovery is good, we don't want to change course now - well, this is in fact the slowest economic recovery we’ve ever seen, and the living standards for those at the bottom have plummeted.

Not only do we need to vote Labour to save our NHS from the Tory stranglehold, but because we can genuinely make a difference for the country. Its time to stand up and be counted for the Labour Party and for the United Kingdom. 

By: Max MosleyMember and worker for the Labour Party. Social and economic equality activist - Twitter: @max_mosleyJR
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