Labour: The Only Way to Vote

We have all made mistakes. I have made mistakes, so have you. We aren’t the first and we most certainly won’t be the last.

The previous governments have all made mistakes, I’ll happily admit it. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, they made mistakes – I completely understand. But, so has David Cameron. So has Michael Gove. Except, their mistakes have cost working people in more ways than financially. Their cuts to the NHS mean that our doctors and our nurses can’t see to us when we need them to. Their cuts to education mean that schools are closing and drowning because of the pressure they’re under. Their cuts to public services mean that the British people suffer, that I suffer, and that you suffer.

At first, I was very uncertain about all politicians. I was well aware of the General Election coming up and I was well aware of the harsh reality of this country. David Cameron has done this country damage; Nick Clegg has broken his promise to the young people. Nigel Farage is completely out of order; Natalie Bennett lacks credibility. I felt the same about Ed Miliband too, I won’t sugar coat it. No politician or their Party appealed to me at all. And, while I’m only 14, it still matters to me. It still matters that I couldn’t connect with leaders and their policies. Then it all got worse. My school was forced to turn into Academy status in September after the Tories and their cuts to education forced it to merge with another local school over a year beforehand. Then, in February, the Academy sponsors announced plans to make thirty one members of staff redundant and scrapped A-level RE and Politics from the curriculum. I was not happy. So, I got in touch with my local MP, Dave Anderson. Within a day, I was on the local radio; my articles about the school were spreading among teachers and students alike. Dave Anderson then took it to the House of Commons. I was mentioned in Prime Ministers’ Questions and David Cameron rejected the possibility of him making a mistake.

So, I wrote to the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. She fobbed me off, getting one of her minions to reply instead – just like a typical Tory. My letter was forwarded to David Cameron. He personally replied, but he refused to do anything. The incompetence and dismissal of my worries for my school was shocking. However, my local MP was a Labour one. Together, we got the Academy’s sponsors to act on the situation. Since then, they have brought back A-level RE and have had to make only one compulsory redundancy.

After that, I started listening more to Ed and his policies. I began to observe and I began to support. After the first debate on Sky News, I knew that Labour was the only way for adults to vote in this election. Labour offered a newfound hope to working people. Labour offered a better Britain – one that is not centred on the rich, one that does not fob people off because it’s not their problem. Despite my previous grievances with Ed Miliband, I put them aside as I realised that he was going to deliver. Ed Miliband is going to secure my future, our future. Ed Miliband will ensure that we will all be able to get back on track. How? Let me tell you.

Take the NHS. The Conservatives have cut it to the bone. They have skinned it alive and it’s now under-funded and overcrowded. It needs more money to make it strong again and to restore the damage. Labour offers that. Labour will steer the NHS away from the chaotic privatisation it will ultimately end up in if it’s down to David Cameron.

Take education. The Conservatives (as I know all too well) have chopped it down and what’s left is an unfair postcode lottery. There is no equal funding, no care and no hope. Without Ed Miliband and Labour in government, our schools will only get worse. As a nation, we need Labour to protect our education. We need it now more than ever. And Ed Miliband will deliver it to us.

Most of all, Labour offer hope. Labour offers – just like they promise – a better plan for a better future. For the young and the old working-class people of this country, Labour is the way to vote. They’ll put an end to exploitative zero-hours contracts, abolish the non-domicile rule, reform the NHS, safeguard our schools and offer hope for the future. Labour offers a light in the darkness of the Conservatives and if you believe in a fairer, better Britain, you have to vote Labour. 

By: Lauren E. White,
I'm Lauren and I love write. Whether it be articles, editorials or novels, it really doesn't matter. As long as I'm writing, I'm happy. You can contact my Twitter account if you wish to here:

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