Opinion: Why Voting UKIP is the bravest thing you can do

With the Local Council and General elections less than a month away, I want to tell you why choosing me as your next MP is probably the most remarkable and courageous thing you can do on May 7th in Erdington.

Casting your vote for UKIP is a huge decision, one that will certainly change the face of politics forever in this country.

British people have been asking the Westminster elite to listen to them for years, but they continue to ignore you; UKIP has listened to you.

Our policies are the direct result of you telling us what you want and us putting your needs first.

You said you want a Britain that creates its own laws, is in charge of its own destiny and controls its own borders. 

We pledge to get Britain out of the EU

You said you want to live in a country where inward immigration is limited to those people who can add value to our society, not become a drain on the state and a burden to our welfare system.
We said we will introduce an Australian style points based scheme to control who comes in to the country dependent on skills and the needs of industry

You said that you want our NHS to always be free at the point of access and time of need and you want a guarantee that your government will provide additional funding to increase staffing levels and provide better quality of care
We said we will put an extra £3bn into NHS front-line services and oppose privatisation of the NHS.

You said you wanted to see an end to costly vanity projects like HS2 and the exploitation of our green belt.
We said we will scrap HS2 and protect the Green Belt by introducing incentives to make the development of brownfield sites more attractive.

You said that tuition fees were creating a huge and unfair debt culture for our students,
We said we will abolish tuition fees for courses in Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine and Maths.

And you said that our membership of the EU should end and the £55 million pounds per day we save should be spent nearer to home on the NHS, education, improved care for our elderly, on better child protection and our armed forces.
We agree.

So the choice is yours, and it’s a simple one, vote Labour for a return to boom and bust economic mismanagement, vote Conservative for even more austerity, cuts and hardship, or vote for UKIP and sweep away the out-of-touch Westminster Elite and their degrading Punch and Judy politics.

Restore decent, traditional British values with a party that will represent you with integrity, honesty and openness and will guarantee that whichever parties eventually form the next government; UKIP will have the strength, position and power to challenge them, hold them to account and above all, uphold our commitments to you.

Vote UKIP, vote for Andrew Garcarz on May 7th in Erdington, Birmingham.

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By:  Andrew Garcarz, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate, I’m not a ‘professional politician’; I’m someone who brings over 40 years of real-life work experience, skills and knowledge to the job of being your next MP. I am local. Born in Stockland Green; I lived and went to school on Castle Vale, moved to Erdington Hall and for the last 16 years have lived in Pype Hayes. I am Erdington through and through and proud to be a Brummie. @Agarcarz

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