Opinion: Why Vote Labour? Because we can't survive another 5 years of Cameron!

Why Vote Labour? Why Not!

For the young and the old the Labour party is the obvious choice this coming General Election. Firstly, who else can is proposing a fairer more equal society that can actually win a majority? Although Ed Miliband may not look statesmen like his Labour government would make an impact that will reduce the cost of living, make buying a house easier for the young, make renting more fair and less costly, reduce tuition fees so student’s aren't lumbered with as much debt on graduating, clamp down on tax evasion and avoidance and make the wealthy pay their fair share.

Unlike the Tory’s Labour doesn't punish the poor in order to fill coffers of the careless bankers who crippled our country! Despite their claims it wasn't Labour who brought our country to its knees it was a global crisis. Under the last Labour Government we had the longest period of economic growth in over 200 years, tax credits, the minimum wage, sure start centres and a strong NHS. All this has stagnated or been sabotaged by 5 long years or Con-Dem austerity.

By voting for Labour in May you are sticking two fingers up to Cameron and his clowns. By voting for Labour you are voting for the end of Non-Dom’s and big corporations filtering their profits out of Britain to avoid paying their corporation tax. We need Labour back to fix the NHS by raising the money fairly using the Mansion tax, we need Labour back to stand up for the working man/woman by raising the minimum wage to £8.00 per hour and abolishing zero hours contracts. It’s not the welfare system that is draining out nation it’s the tax evaders and bankers. It’s time for us young people to stand up and be counted and by voting Labour in on May 7th we are just doing that by securing a voice in the next bought of elections for the 16/17 year olds to have their say as well.

In my eyes there really is only one choice for the youth of our nation if we want a fair society for our generation and that is voting for a Labour majority under Ed Miliband.    

By: Phill HudsonYoung Labour Candidate in West Lancashire

Opinion: Why Vote Labour? Because we can't survive another 5 years of Cameron! Opinion: Why Vote Labour? Because we can't survive another 5 years of Cameron! Reviewed by Admin on 13:27 Rating: 5

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