Tory Manifesto: What's in it for young people?

In his foreword, David Cameron says the "it is a time to build on the progress we have made, not to put it all at risk. This Manifesto is our plan of action – our plan to take our amazing country forward. Above all, it is a plan for you."  But how much is it really a plan for you?  Have a look at what's included for young people in the Tory Manifesto 2015:

The first mention of young people actually takes some time to get to (Page 18), and it'a policy on employment: "We will abolish long-term youth unemployment, and make sure that all young people are either earning or learning." It isn't really specified how they would do this, but a key aspect of their employment pledge to young people is the promise of "three million new apprenticeships, so young people acquire the skills to succeed".  This, they say, will add to the two million apprentiships already created over the past 5 years.

Keeping with employment and work, theres some numbers for you now: "We have abolished the jobs tax – employers' National Insurance contributions (NICs) – for the under 21s and next year we will do the same for young apprentices under 25. We will continue to help smaller businesses take on new workers through the Employment Allowance, which frees businesses from the first £2,000 of employers’ NICs so that a third of employers pay no jobs tax."

The Jobskeeker' s Allowance benefit will be replaced for those aged 18-21 and replaces "with a Youth Allowance that will be time-limited to six months, after which young people will have to take an apprenticeship, a traineeship or do daily community work for their benefits." This sounds a bit like Labour's policy announced yesterday - though Labour would allow young people to be unemplyed for a year before forcing them to take up a job.

The Conservatives also say that "It is  not fair that taxpayers should have to pay for 18-21 year-olds on Jobseeker’s Allowance to claim Housing Benefit in order to leave home. So we will ensure that they no longer have an automatic entitlement to Housing Benefit."  This effectively cuts Housing Benefit for young people.

One heading in their manifesto reads: "We will ensure that if you want to go to university, you can".  Under this there aren't any new policies and they merely clarify what they have previously done: "Our reforms to university funding mean you do not have to pay anything towards tuition while studying, and only start paying back if you earn over £21,000 per year".

Young people and mental health also got a mention, though it is worth noting that there are no specific figures or amounts of money mentioned: "We are increasing funding for mental health care. We will enforce the new access and waiting time standards for people experiencing mental ill-health, including children and young people."

The Big Society has made a slight come back and the Conservatives highlight these three policies aimed at young people:

  1. "We will guarantee your child (This means every 16-17 year old) a place on National Citizen Service, so they can learn new skills and meet young people from different walks of life" They say that 130,000 have taken part in the NCS scheme.
  2. "promote equal treatment and equal opportunity for all in a society proud of its tolerance and diversity"
  3. "give those who work for a big company and the public sector a new workplace entitlement to Volunteering Leave for three days a year, on full pay"
Next up is their plans that say "Everyone who works hard should be able to own a home of their own".  This includes:  "a clear objective to build affordable homes, including 200,000 Starter Homes which will be sold at a 20 per cent discount, and will be built exclusively for first time buyers under the age of 40."  They have also extended the 'Right to buy' scheme.

Moving on to crime now and the  Conservatives aim to tackle the growing problem of  'legal highs': "We will create a blanket ban on all new psychoactive substances, protecting young people from exposure to so-called ‘legal highs’". 

You can read the full Manifesto here:

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