What is the ENSA (European Nursing Student Association)?

By: David Morgan, Student Nurse at Birmingham City University

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In October I represented forty-thousand United Kingdom student nurses at the European Union and only travelled as far as London, yet I was sat in a room with representatives from more than eleven countries.

My name is David Morgan and I represent the West Midlands on the RCN Students Committee and I have been elected to the board of ENSA; The European Nursing Student Association.

The European Nursing Student Association is an organisation formed in 2014, with the assistance of The European Nursing Federation, to create a network between the national student nurses organisations across Europe.

ENSA is a forum where we look at the differences and similarities, give and receive advice, and help each other understand the world of nursing.

As student nurses in the UK we’re fighting for our bursary and striving to get better recognition from the government, however in Denmark and Scandinavia student nurses are fighting sexism: just not the way you think. Denmark and Scandinavia have a shortage of male nurses, and the ones they do have are a minority. Our student colleagues in Germany and France are fighting against racism in nursing and the challenges brought on by the ‘War on Terror’.

With the recent Paris tragedy and the ongoing refuge crisis in Europe it has become painfully obvious to ENSA that as nursing professionals in training we need to come together and support each other.

If any member of the RCN would like to know more please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ensanetwork/ 
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