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In early 2015, Student Voices started publishing and publicising your writing, your articles and your opinions.  In under a year we published hundreds of articles from a large number of different writers, sharing a great number of varied opinions.

We also launched our blog network, connecting quality blogs with one another and promoting their content.  

We also published a magazine in print (have a look), to which the response from readers and contributors was great.  Although a lot of work, we managed to produce a great end product.


This year, we plan on producing another print magazine.  Follow our twitter account to keep up with the latest news on this, or take a look at out print magazine page for more information.

We're also introducing 'regular writers'.  We're looking for young writers to contribute every month or-so.  There will be an application process, but if you become a 'regular writer' your work will be 'featured' every time you send in an article.

Happy new year,

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