A positive approach to defeating ISIL

By: Rene Dansereau, Student Voices Writer

I have good news and bad news.

The good news:

  • More people are aware of a strategy to remove ISIL and improve the situation 

The bad news:

  • 20th century military thinking applied to 21st century problems is making things worse
  • Terrorist inspired bombings and shootings are likely to continue to increase in frequency
  • At this point in time the creation and maintenance of new, faster, more powerful, and efficient weapons is a waste of society’s time. (not all is lost if conversion to a civilian application is possible)

The following strategy is to wrest back control of parts of Iraq and Syria from ISIL while attempting to limit the amount of bloodshed (current and in the future) and providing a basis for the region’s future through thoughtful and respectful engagement of the remaining inhabitants. I would like to start with a brief analysis of the strategies employed at the official outset (war on Terror) and highlight the important lessons from the results of those actions.

When the United States (US) declared all out war on terrorism the politicians and strategists clearly knew that the overall goal of victory over terrorism could not be accomplished only at the tip of a sword. They identified four intentions (defeat, deny, defend, and diminish) that were required to achieve a state of victory which they defined as, “Victory against terrorism will not occur as a single, defining moment…. The United States and its friends and allies will secure a world in which our children can live free from fear and where the threat of terrorist attacks does not define our daily lives” US National Strategy on Combating Terrorism. So why the colossal failure we have before us today? Terrorism is now THE central theme of many daily newscasts; by this measure civilization is losing and “victory” is nowhere in sight. One of the most significant factors is the complete failure to make any progress on the stated intention to diminish “the underlying conditions that terrorists seek to exploit by enlisting the international community to focus its efforts and resources on the areas most at risk.” Thankfully, language surrounding the notion of present day human security has evolved enhancing our ability to communicate this idea. This testimony of @robertdalelamb , Lt. Col. Shannon Beebe, and Mary Kaldor provides us with a nice summary of the language, perspectives, and understanding of 21st century human security.

So based on the work of countless people here is the start of another way….

Plan B the military defeat of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) should peace talks fail.

Step 1

  • Have a UN member nation (preferably one not directly involved, Vietnam? South Africa? Norway? Brazil? India?) initiate a UN mission under Chapter VII of the UN Charter — Articles 39–50 to eliminate the immediate ISIL threat

Step 2  -  Preconditions

  • US and allies cannot insist on Assad’s removal
  •  Everyone needs to commit to withdrawing military support to the various factions in the region
  • Under Chapter VII Article 40, offer all combatants the opportunity of a fair trial (there incarceration should take place only where humane treatment can be guaranteed) with a guarantee against capital punishment
  • Make it crystal clear that all participants will be cooperating militarily to remove ISIL, remove as many weapons as possible, and restore order

In the event that they do not surrender, carry out the mission.

Step 3  -  Necessary aspects of the Mission

  • Communicate the following intentions to the entire region:
  • Humanitarian aid will flood all regions as the gradual removal of ISIL progresses and for a significant amount of time thereafter
  • Cameras everywhere (no restrictions), invite reporters to volunteer to participate under the understanding that their safety is NOT guaranteed — Communication, provide the ability for live feeds
  • Disarmament/removal of all weapons in the region including police, no exceptions
  • UN peacekeepers and/or Human Security forces to maintain peace and order in the wake of the assault
  • Reconstruction to be directed by the local populace
  • Again I emphasize that cameras and communication are imperative everywhere before, during, and after
  • In concert militarily carry out the removal of ISIL and weapons

**** sigh ****

The strategy I/we propose is based on the architecture and ideas that were mostly created the last time the entire world burned. Why are we ignoring the sacrifice, life experience, and wisdom that has been passed on? I believe that our forefathers primarily fought and died for us so that we all could live in a world free of hate, fear and despair. Is it not time to learn the hard lessons of history? Is it not time to modify our actions to reflect the adoption of a more respectful and holistic perspective? It will take bravery, the likes of which we have seldom witnessed to break this cycle of violence. Will the majority of the worlds’ cities have to burn again before the majority speaks out, “We all deserve better! The current strategy/situation is no longer OK!”

Now for rest of the good news! The New New Deal:

  • The revival of the global economy is possible through grace, forgiveness, cooperation, and understanding which links victory (as defined above) over terrorism with economic and social growth.
  • As per 21st century human security thinking, offer to everyone (no exceptions) at no cost and in this order: access to clean water, food, and shelter to be delivered to them in a manner of their choosing
  • If requested, provide UN peacekeepers and/or human security forces
  • In today’s world, education is a requirement this should be provided to everyone who requests it in the manner they request, at no cost to them.
  • Replace/fix the world’s crumbling infrastructure with green infrastructure (here in Canada we have been told that we have started this process)
  • Exploration — how much economic benefit has been derived from the activities of the Spanish in the 16th century or the British endeavours of the 18th and 19th centuries? NOTE: I am commenting on the results only, not the methods used — How much economic benefit could be garnered from the resources of the Universe?
  • Unemployment/retraining — to accomplish the aforementioned tasks armies of people will be required, giving people renewed hope and purpose
  • Paying for these initiatives
  • If we insist on using the current financial framework (a subject I will explore at another time)
  • Take back some or all of the trillions of dollars that the financial system has recently stolen — $16,000,000,000,000 (I encourage you to manually write down this number to really get a feel for how ridiculously large it is)
  • Redirect military expenditures — easily trillions of $ more

The choice is yours, do nothing and passively support the status quo and a continuation of our current trajectory or if you agree with this message please share this message and others like it. Question the wisdom of this message! Question the wisdom of all the information you are given!

Russian intervention in Syria is likely a major contributor to recent military victories against ISIL and showcased the advantages of working together. The fact is that only Russian President Putin truly knows the purpose for this foray, but regardless this lesson can be inferred from the results.
Mar 25 2016 US Defense Secretary Ash Carter reported that “We are systematically eliminating ISIL’s cabinet” echoing the endless whack-a-mole game known as the war on drugs. It was only 3 years ago when,” Congressman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), who chaired the U.S. House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere for the past four years, said the U.S.-supported crackdown on Mexican cartels only left them “stronger and more violent.” The war on drugs is now over 40 years old……
I am fairly sure that no one wants to experience a suicide bombing in their community. A substantial portion of the world needs to wake up — PLEASE WAKE UP!

Meet the author:

Rene Dansereau
My agenda is to give you food for thought, for questions, and for perspective hopefully spurring you to action.  I have extensive experience in high finance, energy, mining and economics.  For the past three years I have spent the majority of my free time reading the works of Martin Luther King Jr. Joseph Stiglitz, Thomas Piketty, Cornell West, Mary Kaldor/Shannon Beebe, Walter Brueggemann, Will and Ariel Durant, Simon Dixon, and Karen Armstrong to name a few.
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