Greek Islands deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

By: Stephanos Ioannou, Student Voices writer

When a nation in the face of political, economical, and social unrest opens its arms to refugees fleeing war zones such as Syria, its worth recognition. This is why I think its right we at least consider the Greek islands as a serious candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Firstly, its worth noting that its not just their “open arms” approach towards refugees that’s impressive. As nations such as Germany, Hungary and Serbia now build barriers and close borders, the Greek approach has been somewhat different. Not once did they turn boats away, and not grant them passage through their lands, but instead act humanely and offer food for all, education for children, medication, and temporary shelter. From the story of the Kos baker Dionisis Arvanitakis that gives migrants around 100 kilos of bread every day, to the Greek army camps in Mytline and Samos, and even the Olympic Hokey stadium in Athens that now provides migrants and their families housing, the Greeks have played their part and exceeded expectations when other well-off nations bare little help.

The humanitarian work has not gone unnoticed, though. At least three online petitions have made an appeal to award the next Nobel Peace Prize to the citizens of the Greek Islands. One of these, specifically mentions Lesvos, saying, “It is always those who have little that give, those who have no means that help, those who look horror in the eye that hope. It is the people of Lesbos who have provided consistent care and tenderness in welcoming the refugees.”

I want to leave you all with a video of a Greek priest who recently passed (see below), Father Efstratios Dimou, or Papa Stratis as he was known on Lesvos. Although one of many helpers towards refugees, I was amazed by how a man that at the time with such bad (and deteriorating) health, until his last moments helped others regardless of their religion or colour of skin.

To sign the Nobel Prize petition click this link

Meet the author:

Stephanos Ioannou
London based Conservative supporter. Has an interest in Greek, Cypriot, and British politics.
Founder of the University of Hertfordshire Conservatives and current Chairman for Enfield & Southgate Conservative Future.

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