How students can resell wholesale clothing to pay off their student loan

Working 9 to 5, five days a week was once the staple of many households. But when money is tight, there can be little room to make more money from your ‘day’ job.

When you need a little more disposable income, there are many options such as finding a second job. For many people, they want another stream of income that revolves around their lifestyle – and selling wholesale clothing across a range of auction and selling sites is a great way of earning some more disposable income.

For some, this second income is an important additional revenue streams.  Three out of four students in the UK, it is estimated, will still be paying off their student loans well into their 50s. As well as many university students voting with their feet and skipping abroad to further their education, many postgraduates are realising that to get rid of this debt, they need a handy extra income stream.
And selling wholesale clothing online could be the money-making business you are looking for – if you do it right.

#1 It is a competitive market place

Whilst selling clothes online can be lucrative, it pays dividends to understand that selling clothes online is a crowded market place. That said, with a deep understanding of your market niche and your customers, you can have a flourishing business on your hands in no time.

#2 Choose the right selling platform

Many businesses of this kind started online by using established online selling sites;
·         eBay – paying per item sold, eBay is a trusted and well-established selling platform. There are certain ways in which you can rise through the ranks faster to become a hot seller. Making sure you have a good headline that accurately describes your item, as well as great photos are essential to getting into the eye line of potential customers.
·         Shopify – this is a paid-for sales channel that allows your customers to buy easily. Full of great resources, as well as hints and tips, this online platform is thriving.
·         Amazon – this platform is keenly associated with books etc. but you can sell clothes on this site provided that you are pre-approved. Amazon do this to stop the sale of counterfeit clothing, shoes and accessories. This is not too onerous a task if you are selling new clothing, as you would be with wholesale clothing.
It pays to look at the fee structure for these kind of selling sites and make sure you build these costs into your final prices.

#3 Start your own website

Ecommerce websites are fairly easy to create and set up but to get them looking great, you do have to think through web design and how it appeals to your customer.
The online retail world is a busy, crowded place and so to make serious headway your content needs to be SEO rich. You will also need to ensure that the background of a website functions well, with meta tags and descriptions etc.

#4 Payment processes

The key for many people to buy from a website or selling site is safe and secure payment. Opting for selling sites usually means you have to be part of some kind of secure payment system – eBay, for example, is part and parcel of PayPal thus opening an account is essential.
Not only do these payment gateways give your customers peace of mind, it also frees you from the Data Protection requirements or the need for secure servers and security certificates for processing and handling people banking details and so on.

#5 Knowing your market – and your customers

The fact that we all wear clothes does not mean, unfortunately, that customers will automatically come flocking to your online clothing business. Not everyone has the same tastes in clothes or fashion thus, you need to be confident that you know who will buy the types of wholesale clothing items that you opt for.

#6 Get organised

Selling clothes online is not only a great way to pay off your student debt but to also fund your way through university. But, anyone who runs their own business will tell you – you need to be organised.
This means ensuring you have packaging sorted, as well as any other small gestures you make to your customers.

#7 Beware discounting too heavily

As you start your online selling business, in an effort to attract customers you may have opening offers or discounts. This is a great idea but beware discounting too heavily as you this means cutting into your profits or, worse still, making a loss.

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