Nearly 70% of you want to leave the NUS | NEWS

According to our poll, 68% of our readers would like their university or college to disaffiliate from the NUS.  A number of universities have seen campaigns to hold referendums after the controversial AGM held earlier this month in Brighton, which saw Malia Bouattia elected as the new president.

In our poll (results below) just 21% said they wanted their student union to stay affiliated with the NUS, with 11% saying they didn't know or care. 

Students from a number of universities have launched a campaign to disaffiliate their student unions from the NUS, after a controversial conference.  According to reports, the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, KCL, LSE, Aberystwyth, York, Durham, Edinburgh, Sheffield, South Bank, Westminster, Bristol, Exeter and Birmingham are all looking to hold referendums on whether to remain part of the NUS.

The NUS annual conference caused controversy when Malia Bouattia was elected president.  She has been accused of anti-Semitism after revelations that she previously described the University of Birmingham as ‘a Zionist outpost’. 

She was also part of a majority of delegates who previously rejected a motion condemning ISIS, although the NUS said this was because she disputed the wording not the principle.

The NUS has also come under fire for being 'anti-democratic' after the union rejected a motion propose by the University of York student union (YUSU) to give every member (student) the right to vote in the elections.  Currently only delegates are able to vote.

Poll results based on a poll from our Twitter account with 231 votes.
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