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On 5 May millions around the country will go to the polls to vote on candidates for a number of different positions.  Regional elections will take place for the Scottish parliament as well as the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assembly's.

There are also local elections in 124 councils in England as well as elections for police and crime commissioners. You can find all the information you need about your local PCC candidates on

In London voters will elect members to the London assembly as well as the next mayor of London. See our articles on the London mayoral elections here.

There are other mayoral elections taking place in Bristol, Liverpool and Salford.

These elections will mark the second time the public has gone to the polls to elect PCCs, the first time being in 2012.  The position was introduced in an attempt to make police forces more accountable to the electorate, although it has been a controversial move as turnouts in 2012 were notably low.  In one area, no votes were cast at all.

SV NEWS Predicts:

Scottish Parliament
We expect the SNP to grow its majority, taking away seats from Labour. It's possible that Labour and the Conservatives will win a similar number of seats (the Conservatives may even get more) despite Labour currently holding double the amount the Tories have.
Currently the SNP have 69 seats, Labour have 37, Conservatives have 15, Lib Dems 5 and Greens 2.

London Mayor Election
We expect the Labour candidate Sadiq Khan be the next London mayor.  Despite Boris Johnson, the current mayor, continuously working on the campaign trail with Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, opinion polls show that Khan is the more favourable candidate.

English Council Elections
We expect the Conservatives to make gains at the expense of Labour. Labour has been polling poorly since Jeremy Corbyn became leader and it is likely that the recent anti-semetism 'scandal' involving the suspension of an MP and former London mayor Ken Livingstone from the party will damage their chances further.  These elections will also be a test for the Liberal Democrats; we don't expect them to make gains, however.

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