The Conservative Leadership Election: All you need to know

Today nominations will open for the next leader of the Conservative party, who will become Prime Minister. Two MPs must nominate a candidate for them to get on the ballot.  If there are more than two candidates nominated (which is very likely given the number of MPs planning to run) then the 331 Conservative MPs will vote until there are two nominees left.  Then Conservative party members across the country will vote on the leader based out of these two candidates.

Nominations open today, the 29 June, and will close on the 30th at noon. The proposed timetable, which hasn't yet been approved, means that there will be a new leader and new Prime Minister by 9 September.

Who's running?

These are the likely, and confirmed, candidates:

Boris Johnson - Leave. Former mayor of London and widely expected to be the next leader, but he is no longer the bookies' favourite to win. | Ruled Out

Theresa May - Remain. Current Home Secretary and considered a 'stop Boris' candidate. Currently the bookies' favourite to win. | Confirmed

Stephen Crabb - Remain. Running with Business Secretary Sajid Javid. Considered a 'blue collar' candidate and alternative to Eton-educated Boris Johnson. | Confirmed

Liam Fox - Leave. A prominent Leave campaigner, he came third in the 2005 Conservative leadership election. | Confirmed

Andrea Leadsom - Leave. Currently an energy minister but was a prominent Leave campaigner leading upto the referendum. | Confirmed

Michael Gove - Leave. Although originally supporting Boris Johnson, Gove has since retracted this and will run by himself. He's currently Minister for Justice; before that he was Education Minister. | Confirmed
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