Stand With Corbyn - The Only Man Who Can Bring Real Change

By: Cristina Velasco, Student Voices writer

I support the Labour Party and I hope it will win with Jeremy Corbyn as leader,but now it's a divided and a weak party.

Since I became a Labour supporter,I've heard about Blairites and Brownites and now there is another group of supporters inside the party, who are the Corbynistas.This situation is sad and it only means that the members of the Labour Party are in war because they have different policies and ideas for the working people's future.In some manner,I understand that there are different people in the party,but they should find an only way to help the working people.

It seems to me that most people gave an opinion last year and they chose Jeremy Corbyn as leader.British people live in a democracy,so Labour MPs and members who didn't voted him should accept what a majority wants.But the situation we are living is the opposite.When he won,it looked that the shadow cabinet was strong and was very United to Jeremy Corbyn,but now,most members of the shadow cabinet have resigned and are against him.There are some examples of members who are unfaithful to the party,to Jeremy Corbyn and the working people and that's why we are happy now,because we need members who have faith in Jeremy Corbyn and the left-wing.

I talk with Labour members and supporters and they don't want to go back to the old days in which the centre-left did a lot of mistakes and lied about the Iraq War and they don't want a leader who has the same ideas as the past leaders.They want someone new and someone who understands the problems that the working people are facing everyday. The only person that can bring a real change and a strong movement is Jeremy Corbyn.

I will always remember when I heard his name for the first time on twitter and I didn't know who was him,but people believed in him and his magnificent 
slogan:"straight talking,honest politics".I got carried away by what people said and they were right about him.They found a person who tells the truth and the strongest person to face the tories not only in parliament,also in the campaigns.

The only thing that we want is people and Labour members to stand with the leader of the Labour Party and make the party stronger.In 2020,there is a great opportunity to fight and return  to Downing Street.
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