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Groups of students across the UK are campaigning for their universities to offer 'LGBT only' accommodation for undergraduates.  Currently the University of Birmingham is the only establishment which offers this as an option, but students from Universities including York and Central Lancashire are calling for LGBT only halls of residents across the country.

Guidance from the NUS (National Union of Students) also advocates for halls to be segregated in this way (on a voluntary basis), pointing to evidence from the USA where LGBT only dorms are already commonplace. 

However, the idea has faced criticism from within student communities.  For example, the Chairwoman of the student council at the University of Central Lanashire said: "Let’s not make LGBT students more isolated into smaller groups and build more barriers”. 

Emma Johnson, a Student at the University of Warwick wrote:
"I fear that LBGT+ students would become pressured into choosing this accommodation, believing that if they didn’t, they would definitely face bullying and discrimination because of their sexual and/or gender identity."

Should LGBT students be given the option of LGBT-only accommodation?

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